The Correct Trekking Gear

The Correct Trekking Gear


To have a successful trek is more than just deciding to go for one; you need The Correct Trekking Gear to carry along with you along the way. What is the correct trekking gear to take with you for trekking in Kashmir? This is important if you plan to have a good trek. There are a number of items that we will provide you with and this includes all the necessities that are otherwise considered generic.

Of the items that we will be providing you are typical things such as the tent, basic light mattress to sleep on, candles, torches, stove for cooking, first aid box and some basic medicine and a few other things.

However keep in mind that the necessities that you will personally require, you will need to bring on your own. These can include items such as personal toiletries, Cameras, clothing items, and other items which are necessary for you. All these add to the list of the Correct Trekking Gear.

Suggested items for you to carry

trek training in kashmir Some of the Food Products that we suggest you carry with you are mentioned here and there is a reason we suggest these. There are many similarities between soldiers in the field and trekkers, a lot of the requirements for soldiers also apply to trekkers.

Chocolate Bars: chocolate bars are very high in calories and contain plenty of energy, in the event that you start feeling weak and tired the chocolate bars are more than enough to replenish your strength. A point to be noted is that U.S. Marines also carry chocolate bars with them into the field. These are light to carry and are the most effective meal.

Good Comfortable Boots: Good quality and comfortable trekking boots are a necessity for trekkers. You can bring any trekking boots that you like, provided the quality is good and they will not get damaged along the trek and should last the duration of the trek.

training trek kashmirCaps and Hats: It’s preferable to bring along with few a caps with a rim, typically the type worn by cricket officials or something similar such as floppy caps. These are very important because they will keep the sun off your face and neck. In the event that we encounter rain it will keep the water off your head and out of your eyes. Caps that are not a good idea are those which are in fashion typically the baseball cap. These only keep the sun out of your eyes and do nothing for your neck and face.

Sunglasses: Another very important item to carry with you is sunglasses. Throughout the day you will be exposed to harsh sunlight. This can lead to a headache if you’re not carrying with you a pair of good quality sunglasses. We also suggest that you carry sun block (cream).

kashmir trekking guide Clothing: Ensure that the clothes you wearing are tough yet offer enough room for movement, especially trousers. Along the way you will be required to walk extensively and even the slightest constrain from your trousers can lead to severe discomfort. Try to carry trousers that are loose and offer plenty of space for movement, another part of the Correct Trekking Gear.

Basic Medication: We suggest that you carry some basic medication such as paracetamol tablets, effective skin creamsfor rash and creams such as move for muscle aches. You can also bring along a crepe bandage in case you need to wrap it around your calves etc. This is an important part of the Correct Trekking Gear.

Other items: other items that we suggest are a light backpack and a duffel bag which the mules will carry. Slippers for the night, torches, extra pair of shoes, extra necessities which you will not find along the way.

The Correct Trekking Gear is to guide you the necessities that you need to bring with you for a comfortable and good trek. Although we will be providing you with a lot of the basics is advisable that you carry some of the necessities on your own.





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