Kashmir Himalayas

Kashmir Himalayas


Himalayas is the most imposing mountain range in the world and comprises of a number of different mountain ranges and mountain peaks, this stretches from the north of India to the east and separates India and China. The mountain range is estimated to stretch for 2400 Km from end to end.

Kashmir in Himalayais situated in the northern most part of the mountain range and is one of the places which have the most beautiful sceneries and natural beauty.

Kashmir Himalayas is a place that is particularly famous as a trekking destination, and has since time immemorial attracted scores of travelers to its territory. Kashmir, the place today is one that provides trekkers and tourists with endless adventures and thrills. This valley is surrounded as well as dotted with many mountain ranges of the mighty Himalayas.

Features of Kashmir Himalaya

kashmir himalayas trekking Kashmir Himalayas offers the adventure enthusiast and the trekker a number of different challenging and thrilling opportunities; something that everyone is looking for. The features that Kashmir Himalayas possesses are hard to find elsewhere. Here one will find not only mountains but also lakes that originate from the melting ice waters of the region and mountain streams.

There is a lot of greenery and there are trees such as the Chinar or maple found here as well. All this adds to the finishing touches of the great lakes and mountains of the Himalayas Kashmir region.

Beauty of the Kashmir Himalayas

Appearance of the Kashmir Himalayas is similar to what one would imagine if one combines mountain streams and lakes with meadows and flowers in the backdrop of mountains and snow-capped peaks.This beauty is owing to the fact that there are a number of different natural features which have come together and enabled the creation of this combination of beauty and excellence.

Kashmir in Himalayais the perfect destination for those who are interested in an expedition which is both exciting as well as one that will leave you with a feeling that there is more beauty on the planet than you would expect.

Even though there are hundreds of different photos and images on the internet that are easily accessible, the beauty of the Himalayas Kashmir region is not what can be accurately experienced through images and pictures. There is so much more to the beauty that the images are simply incapable of capturing.

Trekking in the Kashmir Himalayas

Trekking in the Kashmir Himalayas is popular due to the fact that there are a number of different features and real-time experiences that trekkers cannot experience in other places. The overall experience is something that the avid trekker cannot get in any other way apart from being here and experiencing it firsthand.

Of all the places that exist in the world there are few whose beauty can match the beauty of the Himalayas Kashmir. Although this is not the only place where meadows and mountain streams exist alongside high altitude lakes and more, but is probably the only place in the world where they exist in such abundance.

This is the reason why even the beauty of other famed places such as Austria and Switzerland are not comparable to that of the Kashmir region. Here there are still lakes that are yet to be named and there are places that have hardly a soul in sight for miles around. This is one of the most untouched and beautiful places that there are in the world.

Kashmir Himalayas is a description for those that are unaware of the beauty that exists in this region of the world. A number of different things forms the soul of the place and lends beauty and charm to Kashmir in Himalaya and makes it a one-of-a-kind place.





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