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Trekking is an adventure sport that people do for a change of pace in their regular lives, Kashmir Trekking Info provides you with the details that you will need during trekking in Kashmir. Trekking is an adventure sport enjoyed by thousands around the world. This is one of the best recreational activities for avid outdoorsmen and women. There is nothing like taking few days off for a long trek to change the pace of your life and get back in touch with nature and the wilderness. For all the Kashmir Trekking Info that you need we will provide the solution.

One of the great placesfor trekking is in Kashmir; the geography of this land is such that one wonders if it was made with trekking in mind. There are few places that are better suited for trekking than Kashmir is. Kashmir offers the tourist and trekking enthusiast an unparalleled environment for trekking, and there are many reasons for this.

Kashmir Trekking Information

kashmir trekking information There are many reasons why Kashmir is one of the best trekking destinations in the world. Among the top reasons is the fact that Kashmir has some of the best terrain that is not just suitable for trekking but also extremely virgin and beautiful. This is still one of those places on earth which is untouched by time.

There are many other things which make this a perfect destination and add to the overall experience - there are meadows, snow capped mountains, mountain streams and lakes which combine to produce the kind of beauty that cannot be described in simple words. It is to be seen and enjoyed.

In Kashmir, Kashmir Trek will provide you the best trekking experience with our quality and professional service. We will spend a good amount of time trekking in the region and camp for the night at various locations, which involves eating food cooked on site and sleeping in tents (bathroom facilities are taken care of!). The overall experience is something that cannot be simply explained.

This is some basic Kashmir Trekking Info that you will need to help you along the way.

Kashmir Trekking Info and advice

trekking information in kashmir Time Duration: There are many things that need to be done to ensure that you have a pleasant trek. Among the preparations that need to be made are the time that you can spare for the trek and the number of days that you are willing to go without contact with the outside world. These are very important points to consider especially when you are going for a trek which is going to last for a week or ten days.

Physical Preparations: There are a number of different preparations that need to be made before a person decides to go for a trek. Among these the most important is the physical preparation. A trek is not just about making a plan to walk in the outback somewhere for a week or more without taking into consideration the physical capabilities that you have. You need to ask yourself clearly if you feel that you are ready for the challenge or not. Before going for a trek we advise that you take out a bit if time to physically prepare yourself for the challenges that you will face, generally taking walks and climbing stairs is good preparation.

Kashmir Trekking Info was to provide you with some information about the best options available for trekking in Kashmir, India. Along with this a bit of other information to ensure that you have a good time while you trek.





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