Kashmir Trekking Map



There are some locations on the Kashmir Trekking Map that are popular as some of the best trekking destinations in the world. Here is a brief rundown of the Kashmir Trekking Map; this is to illustrate the best places and the top trekking destinations in the region.

There is a lot happening when it comes to trekking in Kashmir, the natural beauty of the place has captivated the hearts and minds of the trekkers in the region. It offers a trekker a lot more than just beauty; the terrain is perfectly suited for different types of treks.

Also, the number of different routes is unlimited; there are short treks and 10 or 12 day treks which makes it absolutely perfect for a trekking destination. Then there is the fact that it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and what else is one supposed to do with such beauty than take a really long walk through it obviously!

Kashmir Trekking Map

Kashmir Trekking Map Some of the most popular destinations in Kashmir are Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Anantnag. These are the ideal destinations because they are really beautiful and beauty does have its part to play in a trek!

Pahalgam : When it comes to the number one destination on the Kashmir Trekking Map it is thebeautiful place of Pahalgam. What strikes people the most is the feeling they get being a part of such a beautiful environment. There are few places in the world that can match such beauty.This is the reason why the place attracts a huge number of tourists. In Pahalgam there are a number of meadows, mountainstreams and in the background snowcapped peaks of mountains. A number of different trekking routes originate from this region and are famous globally for the overall trekking experience that they provide.

Gulmarg : Gulmarg is another very beautiful place that looks amazing and beautiful like another portrait. There are also meadows here that give it a picture perfect look. This place is also famous for the meadows that have a lot of wild flowers growing there.

Gulmarg is also famous for its ski resort; this is actually a world famous resort and has been ranked quite highly on global standards, by experts in terms of the skiing experience that it provides. There are multiple trekking routes and destinations here in the region of Gulmarg that are famousfor their beauty as well as the terrain. Gulmarg is another place that features prominently on the Kashmir Trekking Map.

Kashmir Map Anantnag : Anantnag is another of those beautiful places that are revered as one of the best trekking destination on the Kashmir Trekking Map. There are a number of different treks that start from this location as well. Anantnag in brief is definitely a place worth visiting definitely for the interested traveller; this is one of the best Kashmir trekking locations andoffers the traveller a great trekking and outdoor experience.

The Kashmir Trekking Map consists of those places that are the most famous for their outdoor adventure sports experience that they are able to provide to the trekker. There are a number of different opportunities that the outdoorsman can capitalize on when trekking in these beautiful parts of Kashmir.





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