Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley


The Kashmir valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Situated high in the Himalayas this is one of those places that has all the natural ingredients such as meadows, lakes, mountains, snow capped peaks, vast expanses of flatland, mountain streams and a lot more. All these characteristics and more put together give it that picture perfect look that is hard to beat. In fact Kashmir Valleyis considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth and the beauty of the place even surpasses that of Switzerland.

These are the qualities which put together in different combinations gives the landscape an unbelievable look. Some of the features that are commonly taken advantage of by tourists are the mountain streams, rock faces commonly used for rock climbing, glaciers used for expeditions, treks and more. There is a list of other sports which are popular as well in the state.

Adventure Sports in Kashmir Valley

valley of kashmir Amongother sports which are extremely popular is skiing at Gulmarg which has one of the best ski resorts and some of the best ski slopes in the world. This place is globally renowned and has been rated among the top five skiing destinations in the world.

Kashmir Valley is also famous for its trekking; the terrain of the area is one of the best and most suitable in the world for trekking. There are a number of different trekking routes that professionals and amateurs alike, use for this purpose.

Kashmir is also famous for its mountain streams; these not only add to the natural beauty but also provide trekkers and tourists with the opportunity to indulge in various water sports and other similar activities.

Terrain and altitude of Kashmir Valley

kashmir valley pictures The terrains that you will find in the state of Kashmir areespecially in the areas which are popular for tourism is by and large steep or hilly. Considering that the state is situated at a high altitude the terrain offers a number of features together which are not easily found in such combinations, giving it a picture perfect look.

Some areas of the state have an altitude which is an excess of 5000 feet, on an average the altitudes of the state is considered high. The air in some places is thin, and this depends on the altitude of that particular location.

Visitors to Kashmir Valley

kashmir valley trek Kashmir is one of the most frequented places in India; there are large numbers of tourists that visit this state year round. This is to take advantage of different facilities during different seasons of the year.

Trekking and other water sports are generally conducted during the summer months and skiing and winter tourism in the winter months.

Kashmir Valley is one of the best destinations to visit on the planet for those who are interested in water sports, rock climbing and mountaineering, rafting and boating, Parra gliding, trekking and camping and generally for an overall view off the natural beauty that is available here.

Among the other features that Kashmir Valley offers its visitors, is the local culture and history of the region. In the higher regions of Kashmir a visitor will find many relics and historical monuments related to Buddhism. Apart from these there is also the Indus Valley which is famous for the Indus Valley civilization which is dated roughly 2000 BC.





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