North Indian Mountains

North Indian Mountains


The North Indian Mountains, especially in the state of Jammu Kashmir is one of the most perfectly suited places for a variety of adventure sports and trekking. The North Indian Mountains are some of the untouched wonders remaining in the world. Here you will still see the nature and beauty untouched. Even though there are treks that are arranged in these areas, much of the natural beauty remain sexactly as it is and the trekking does not disrupt the natural ecology of this area.

Some of the places that you will see here appear as if you are the first person on this planet to lay eyes on them! There are few places on earth that offer such beauty and as a result are more perfect for trekking and a whole lot more.

The North Indian Mountains present visitors with an opportunity to do much more than just trekking and camping, but also a variety of other adventure sports as well as sight seeing.

Features of the North Indian Mountains

north india trek Trekking in these parts is perfect because of the Himalayan mountain range. This stretches along the entire northern frontier of India from North India to East India. Typically the trekking destinations exist in North India in the state of Kashmir.

Kashmir is renowned for its beauty and terrain. Contributing to the beauty of Kashmir are features such as lakes, mountain streams, snowcapped peaks, mountains, forests, meadows, rolling hills and more. Put together these create a pretty picture and incredible beauty.

All these features make Kashmir one of the best camping and trekking destinations available on the planet. The mountains here attract scores of trekkers every year who trek various routes across the landscape enjoying the trek and the beauty alike.

Beauty of the North Indian Mountains

As described earlier the state of Kashmir is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The terrain offers marvelous beauty the likes of which are seldom seen together and rarely in such concentration. In Kashmir wherever you look the natural terrain looks beautiful, this being said the entire state looks as pretty as a picture.

Some of the features that contribute to the beauty of Kashmir are the water bodies, which are generally rare in hilly regions except for Kashmir which is dotted with them. The water in these lakes is crystal clear and these lakes are full of fish, generally trout.

The vegetation here is typical mountainous vegetation with the exception of maple trees which are found nowhere else in India but here. These look absolutely beautiful because their leaves turn yellow and orange during autumn. When you’re looking at hillside covered in different colored leaves reflecting off a lake, it looks like a picture.

This is a brief introduction to the North Indian Mountains.This is one of the most perfect destinations for a trekking and other adventure sports. This area is perfect for camping, trekking, exploration, sightseeing, adventure sports such as Parra gliding and skiing and many more activities.





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