Pahalgam Sonamarg Trek

Pahalgam Sonamarg Trek


The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek is one of the most beautiful and renowned treks in Kashmir for a number of reasons.There are a number of features in this trek which are considered to be outstanding and as a result attract huge numbers of enthusiasts and trekkers to this route. The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek is one that provides the trekker a lot of good views and scenic beauty along the way. This is one of the routes which take the trekker through mountains, Meadows and across mountain streams. This particular route also shows people the best places in Kashmir.

Other featuresthat are outstanding in The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek is the duration which is five days, and yet the route despite being beautiful is also among those which are considered tough. This means that the trekker needs to be in good physical condition or physically fit to undergo the challenges that The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek provides.

Pahalgam is a place that is famous for its meadows and mountain streams. In the backdrop you’ll see snow capped peaks of mountains, and at the same time the meadows are traversed by beautiful mountain streams which make the overall scenery of Pahalgam most captivating.

The beauty of the region is extremely renowned and attracts countless numbers of people who come here each year to see this paradise. There are few places on earth which offer such freshness of nature and the beauty of this region.

Sonamarg also is famous for its beauty and very similar to Pahalgam it also offers the viewer and visitor beauty which they do not expect to see. Similarly, this place also has Meadows and streams, there are hills covered in forests and also various other features which make it another place worth visiting.

    Let’s have a look at the itinerary for The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek
  • On the first day we cover destinations such as Pahalgam, Aru pasture, from here you can see the Tulian peak and the Lidder River. The river goes underground at Gukhumb and reappears further down.
  • On the second day we encounter a place called Nafran; this place has a famous meadow and mountain stream as well.
  • On the third day we encountered place called Harnag. Other places along the way are Harbhagwan Pass and the Harnag Lake.
  • On the fourth day we come to Baltal, very close to the route is the Amarnath cave.
  • On the fifth day we head toward Sonamarg, it’s at this point that The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek comes to an end.

The Pahalgam Sonamarg trek has a lot of interesting features and as a trek that is most enjoyed by trekkers. Although it is considered to be a slightly challenging trek, there are a number of reasons why people choose this route. The most outstanding of these reasons is the natural beauty along the way.





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